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Coach Houser has been involved coaching and competing in the pole vault for 26 years. He has a degree in Sports Management. He began coaching pole vault in 1998 and has been coaching at Vertical Assault for 7 years  During his time at VA, he has already coached 2 13' girls, 16 12′+ girls, 35 11'+ girls, 1 17' boy, 3 16′+ boys, 11 15′+ boys, 19 state champions, and 3 all americans. His coaching philosophy is very technique based in that there are many connections in the sport of pole vaulting and the success of each element is determined by the quality of the thing before it. True success in the sport of pole vaulting also comes from having a defined plan or process and sticking to it. He also feels that there is an inherent importance on lifting, sprinting, and plyometrics in order to further one's self as a pole vaulter, and help prevent injuries in the sport.


Coach Dave is a Vertical Assault alumni who has been involved with the pole vault for 14 years having vaulted in high school and college. He has been coaching for 7 years with 6 of them being at Vertical Assault.  Coach Dave brings a very technique driven style to his coaching and has worked with several state champions, district champions, league champions, and all americans. 


Coach Mullikin has been involved with Vertical Assault for 13

 years. He started at VA as an athlete and continues to compete now. He adds to our coaching staff and brings a solid background, having been coached by, and learning from many top coaches in the country. He brings a positive outlook on the learning process of the vault and is also highly invested in the idea of the connections necessary to proper technique. 



Coach Brooke Hamscher learned pole vaulting at Vertical Assault under Mike Lawryk and has been involved with pole vaulting for 13 years.  She continued vaulting at Penn University. Coach Brooke was a national All American while vaulting in high school and has a PR of 12'6". She uses that experience to bring a highly technique based approach to her coaching. Coach Brooke has been with Vertical Assault for over a year now and has helped many athletes gain confidence and the positive outlook needed to excel to new heights. She adds a vital element to our coaching staff and we are very gracious to have her aboard.

Coach Michael Lawryk is a certified USATF coach with over 25 years of experience. He has worked extensively with some of the nation’s best coaches and athletes and brings a positive, technique focused approach to athletes of all ages and abilitiy levels. Recently named National High School Coach of the Year, Coach Mike brings technical know-how and experienced judgement to the art of coaching. Mike is also the co-owner of Vertical Assault and runs Vertical Assault West out of Sunnyvale, California. 


Coaches Canino, Houser, and Lawryk at the Reno Pole Vault Summit

Vertical Assault is also comprised of several other coaches who coach from time to time. Although they may not be there on a regular basis, they are still a very important part of our process in helping athletes jump higher, run faster, and be safer as they reach for their individual goals.


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