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Established in 1996 ,Vertical Assault is a year round pole vaulting club located in Bethlehem, PA. VA is operated out of the Competitive Sports Training Center, and offers vaulters of all ability levels a climate controlled facility with technical coaching from experts in the vault. We have two UCS pits with UCS standards able to facilitate vaulters from brand new to elite.  We can place the bar and bungee from 5′ all the way up over the world record to 21′. We also have ropes, rings, trapeze, free weights, benches, a treadmill, speed hurdles, physio balls, resistance sleds, and more to help all athletes condition and become stronger and faster. In addition, our gym is outfitted with all weather turf to help alleviate ankle, shin, and knee problems that can arise when training on hard surfaces.


Vertical Assault is run year round in 9 week "sessions". Most athletes come once or twice a week depending on their schedule and proximity to the gym. Weekly classes run from Monday-Thursday between 4:30PM and 8:30PM, while Sunday classes happen between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. All classes are coached by a certified staff member and are two and a half hours long. Summer hours are different. Please check calendar.


Each Vertical Assault class is 2 1/2 hours long, and is comprised of 6-16 athletes. An instructor takes attendance and goes over vaulting annoucements, and technical instruction/tips before practice begins. Athletes are then guided through a 25 minute warm-up and sprint mechanic series before heading to the pit. A certified coach at the pit will take that athletes through a mix long and short run vaulting drills each week, progressively working on technical skills and awareness. The last 15-20 minutes of practice are typically comprised of awareness drills, core stability, and strength exercises.


Vertical Assault has over 300 pole-vaulting poles of ALL sizes and lengths. While some athletes bring their own equipment with them, most athletes use the myriad of poles available in the gym. Poles are also available for rental and athletes are encouraged to rent poles 


Vertical Assault encourages parents and coaches to come watch their athletes progress and improve.


Its not uncommon for athletes to join the club mid-season. While some classes fill up in the early weeks of practice, there are typically several classes with room to accomodate additional students. Experienced vaulters typically have no trouble joining a class mid-season, while beginners and intermediates athletes may require some one-on-one attention to be brought up to speed. Should you wish to join the club, please contact us with information about your experience and ability level so we can reply with class times and coach availability that best match your skill set.


Athletes joining the club mid-season are typically charged a pro-rated fee.


Vertical Assault has over 300 pole-vaulting poles of ALL sizes and lengths. While some athletes bring their own equipment with them, most athletes use the myriad of poles available in the gym. Poles are also available for rental and athletes are encouraged to rent poles if their school does not have poles to allow them to jump safely.


Up to 2 make-ups allowed per season. You must have notified a coach BEFORE the absence, and choose an open session to make-up a practice. To determine which sessions are open and available for make-up attendance, please refer to the schedule on the registration form for the current session.


 Please email us for specific pricing information.


All athletes and parents are directed to read and review ALL policies along with signing the training agreement when they begin classes. Vertical Assault and its coaches are not to be held responsible or liable for any injuries that may occur while training in our facility or while using our equipment.


          - Store all items in the appropriate boxes. (no cell phones during practice)

              - All of our equipment is at your disposal during  and after classes. Each class has a built in time for weight training but you may stay and                  lift longer if you choose

              - Throw away all garbage including water bottles.

              - Be respectful to all coaches, other athletes, and equipment

              - Get the most out of your training. Be attentive, try hard, and focus on the task at hand.

              - All classes will begin and end on time. Each class will be 2 -  2 1/2 hours long and will include lifting.

              - Many announcements will be listed on the white boards, via email, on social media, and/or on the website. Check frequently.

              - Our faciltiy is spikeless.


          PER SESSION

           - Athletes may choose to sign up per session for once a week or twice a week. Sessions are 7-10 weeks based on the time of year.                                    There are 5 sessions a year (Summer, Fall, Winter I, Winter II, Spring)

              - If an athlete is going to miss a class or needs to switch a class, we appreciate that this be done ahead of time.

              - There will be a period for make ups after the end of each session. Other make ups can be arranged during the course of the session.                     - NO CLASSES can be transferred to another athlete (ie sibling, teammate, friend)

              - For session classes, day(s) and time(s) must be selected to attend. Please stick to that schedule. It allows us to schedule additional                          coaches if needed.

              - If an athlete becomes injured, the unused classes will carry forward into the next session. Classes cannot be moved from one session                      to the next for any other reason. There is ample time for make ups in each session.

Payment for session classes - All sessions require a deposit at the time of the first class. Sessions may be paid in full if preferred. All remaining balances should be paid by the end of the 5th week of classes in that given session.



Each athlete will be assessed a once a year equipment fee either when they start at the club or at the beginning of the year. This will be added to the initial invoice. This will help cover the cost of bungees, tape, chalk, training devices, poles, and landing systems.

There are no refunds for classes not attended. There are times for make ups and extra classes at the end of each session. If an athlete becomes injured, those classes will carry forward in to the next session.


              - Pole rentals will ONLY be issued to those attending practices at the club. An attending athlete may not rent poles for their entire school team. The last pole of any given length/weight will not be rented out. All pole rentals must be paid in full at the time they are taken out of the club. Poles rented out are the responsibility of the athlete. Any broken or damaged poles or pole containers must be paid for by the athlete who rented it out at full retail cost. The replacement cost is in addition to the rental fee. All poles will be thoroughly inspected before leaving the facility.


              - Our coaches will attend many meets, supply poles to use, along with coaching the members of the club at those meets. Most meets will not incur any coaching fees, but those that require overnight stays, tolls, lengthy travel, or parking fees (NY city/ Philadelphia) will have some cost involved.

** A Copy of these terms and policies are available in print form if requested**

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask in the club, via email, call, or text. (570-269-1920)

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